Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration


We consider ourselves very fortunate to have an opportunity to live under the umbrella of grace and blessings of our spiritual master, His Holiness Rashtrasant Janardhan Swami (Moungiri) Maharaj.

Swamiji was educated only up to std. II vernacular, but he had a deep desire for educating the children who missed opportunities of proper educational facilities and educational atmosphere at their homes. In His life mission, he opened several schools and hostels for such students.

He used to often speak about his ideas of perfect education and ask us to open such ideal institutions under his able guidance, for masses and not for classes only.

His stress was mainly on teaching of Sanskrit and practice of Transcendental Meditation for the children, as these are our cultural gifts from our forefathers. He thought Sanskrit will keep in touch with our rich culture and heritage. So also he rightly pointed out that the practice of Transcendental meditation shall keep their minds perfect and strong to face the challenges of the new world.

Therefore we have introduced Sanskrit as compulsory second language which helped the children to score maximum marks and increase their percentage of marks.

In case of MEDITATION we have made it compulsory for all classes i.e. from Kinder Garten to std. XII in the morning and evening before the close of school. This has given us fine results, kept our students free from any stress and tensions.

We ask the guardians also to keep up the practice of meditation to free themselves from undo tensions.

Swamiji wanted his children to be able and perfect citizens and therefore he used to say.

The purpose of Educationis to makea man orderly within himself as well as an orderly unit of his family, his society, his nation andthe world.”