Founder's Message

From the Inspirational Founder

Mr. Mohanrao Piraji Chavan

Dear Parents, Guardians and my beloved children, I am extremely thankful to my Guru Rashtra Sant Janardhan Swami (Moungiri) Maharaj, for the faith he had in me and for his blessings to open such a school for all of you.

As per his objectives, this school is meant for helping the student to lead value oriented life, to develop clear and concise thinking habit and to help the child understand and respect Indian culture.

The Philosophy behind this is-

1) We cannot teach the child but just help him learn.

2) Education should be closely integrated using the child’s immediate environment.

3) Education is not filling a bucket but lightening a candle.

4) Child’s perspective must always be respected.

5) We need to compete for Wisdom, not for grades.

6) Memory Oriented teaching cripples the child’s innate sense of wonder and fantasy

Since 1998, from the beginning of this school we have been practically following this philosophy, which have benefitted us to produce positive results, up till now and we are sure we shall continue faster and faster to reach up to the glorious heights in his fields.

I thank all the parents and Guardians for their faith in us and I promise you all that we shall prove your faith worth with the support of our qualified, hardworking and sincere teachers, who have produced the best results up till now.

With the support of our staff members only we have been able to Produce Cent percent results in secondary exams with the best performance of students in all the subjects they studied.

We request you to continue the same faith in us – which shall motivate us to bring this school up to Himalayan height.

Thank you all with my best wishes forever.